7th Grade

7th Grade Homework: May 29 - June 2




 Reading, Mrs. Carlson -- 3rd, 4th, 6th Hours

Mon.  -- No School

Tues. -- Read first part of "Bargain"

Wed. -- Finish "Bargain"

Thurs. -- Moibus Strips

Fri. – AR Auction


Literature, Mrs. Carlson -- 1st Hour

Mon. -- No School

Tues. -- Comparison study of "The Monsters Are Due"

Wed. -- Harris Burdick study

Thurs. -- Moibus Strips

Fri. -- AR Auction


History, Carlson -- 7th Hour

Mon. -- No School

Tues. -- Fort McHenry and the Star-Spangled Banner

Wed. -- Essential Questions, GR 5 - 9

Thurs. -- Ch. 9 History test

Fri. -- AR Auction


Reading Enrichment, Mrs. Carlson -- 9th Hour

Mon. -- No School

Tues. -- Ch. 10, 11, 12

Wed. -- Finish Book

Thurs. -- Final Presentations

Fri. -- AR Auction

Language - Mrs. Kiselewski  

 Mon. - No school

Tues. - Preposition Test

Wed. - When your writing comes alive

Thurs. - Finish when your writing comes alive

Fri -  A.R. auction

History - Mrs. Kiselewski  

Mon. -  No school

Tues. - Poetry Dive of the Star-Spangled Banner

Wed. - Review

Thurs. - Test over chapter 9, sections 3-4

Fri - A.R. auction



 Science – Mrs. Dorff  

 Monday- no school

Tuesday- Science World magazines

Wed.-  Science World magazines

Thursday- Predator Game

Friday-  no class


History- DORFF


Monday-  no school

Tuesday- 2 videos, Poetry Dive- Star-Spangled Banner

Wed.-  Essential Questions section 3-4, review for quiz tomorrow

Thursday- Quiz, Great Fever article

Friday- no class

Khan Academy


Math- 1st,3rd,4th Hours

Monday-  Khan Academy   HW: Finish "Me in Numbers" binder                                                        cover

Tuesday- Fluency with Division

Wednesday- Fluency with Rounding  HW: Fluency Practice

Thursday - Measuring Rate

Friday - Work through Lesson 1 homework


High Math - 5th hour

 Monday - Khan Academy   HW: finish "Me in Numbers" binder                                                        cover

Tuesday - Review and Measuring Rate  HW: Fluency Practice

Wednesday- Work through Lesson 1 homework

Thursday - Proportional Relationships

Friday-  Benchmarking



Monday - Seating chart, folders, pre-assessment

Tuesday - Ch. 1, Sec. 1 - pg. 6-7, Guided Reading #1

Wednesday - pg. 8, GR #2-3, vocabulary

Thursday - pg. 9; finish Guided Reading

Friday - Paleo Diet Article and activities

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