8th Grade


Homework for the week of



Monday: -   Plane EDP project Steps 5-8

Tuesday:  Criteria and constraints, doodle notes

Wednesday: discuss and share, start SW magazine p20

Thursday:  EDP project with SW article

Friday:  EDP quiz

 Science Textbook Info:

-Website: http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com

-Redemption Code: JC1Z-5GXV-QF9W-8WSD

Science World Magazine Info:

Your display name: Mrs. Allison's Class
Your classroom password: 8thallison 

Language Arts:

Monday: - motivational Monday and brainstorming autobiographical writing choose 6 bubbles to answer

Tuesday:  - pre-write through step 9

Wednesday:  compare examples with our writing, work through step 11

Thursday:  revise/peer edit/ type

Friday: finish writing and share

  Activities are always subject to change due to the progression of class. Extra assignments may be given during class time.


Mrs. Fehrenbacher Reading/Literature   Week of 0ctober  16th
Monday- Ch. 10 questions & 3 activities (Due Thurs.)
Tuesday-  Ch. 7 & 8 Job Assignment Activity (Due Fri)
Wednesday-  Theme WS 1 (Friday)
Thursday- Ch. 12 Ques.
Friday- Ch. 9 -11 Novel Ties Activity (Due Tues.)
 Research Class
Mon- Present Unsolved Mystery Projects
Tues-  None
Wed-  Present Unsolved Mystery Projects
Thurs-  Switch Classes
Fri- N/A

October 16 - 20

High Math
Monday - 1.10 notes and worksheet
Tuesday -  1.10 Worksheet
Wednesday – Exponents Review
Thursday -  Finish Exponents Review
Friday - Review for Test, Test monday
Monday  - Finish 1.7 notes, finish 1.7 worksheet from Friday
Tuesday - 1.7 Worksheet
Wednesday 1.8 Notes
Thursday -  In class review of 1.8 notes
Friday - 1.8 Worksheet
Health and Math Supplement
Monday -  Mr Young
Tuesday -  Drug free world.org
Wednesday - Drug free World. org
Thursday - Math Supplement, seating chart and activity  
Friday - acitivity in class

October 16 - 20, 2017

American History: 

Monday - pp 90-91; Sect. two (review); sec. three, 92-98; compare the plans with what actually happened

Tuesday - Complete worksheet back; Ch rev., 102/103

Wednesday - Chapter Three quiz (Chromebooks)

Thursday - Unit 2 introduction, 104-107;Ch Four prev.; Sec one, 110-115 

Friday -

Language - Monday - complete Patriot's Pen; Ch 13, 328-331

Tuesday - pp 332-337

Wednesday - pp 338-339

Thurs. - Ch 21: Eyewitness report; pp 432-437

Fri. - Ch 11: Punctuation 248-249; No Red Ink

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